Indivisible MN03 is a grass roots, constituent-led, all-volunteer group of people from across the political spectrum. We were inspired by the national Indivisible movement, which uses constituent power to influence legislators around the country and hold each Member of Congress accountable.

The national Indivisible movement was founded after the 2016 election to oppose the:

  • Trump Agenda
  • Degradation of truth
  • Rise of authoritarianism

Indivisible MN03 resists the Trump Agenda by pressuring our member of Congress to support inclusion, tolerance, fairness, and equality, and to stand up against corruption and authoritarianism.

The principles of Indivisible National are outlined in the Indivisible Guide.

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Constituents Deserve to be Heard!

Call Representative Erik Paulsen:
District Office: (952) 405-8510
DC Office: (202) 225-2871

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